Creating a Video for Your Profile Page

Bring a bag lunch, and learn! Led by Mike Steinberg of The Roxy Theater and Scott Ranf of MCAT, this hands-on workshop will help you get a jump-start on a short video for your Missoula Gives profile page. We will also support you throughout the video creation process. Get creative and see your donations soar!

Social Media: Beyond the Basics


You won't want to miss this! Led by Talia Sanders of Bonfire Branding and Communications, this workshop will be packed with tips and tricks to engage supporters via social media. Talia specializes in social media and worked for the Boy's & Girl's Club in Colorado on their very successful giving day campaign for several years. This session will cover intermediate to advanced concepts.


Getting Ready for Missoula Gives

Thursday, February 16

2:00 pm MT - 3:00 pm MT

For nonprofit leaders and development staff thinking about participating in #MissoulaGives. We’ll give an overview of #MissoulaGives, and its role in community building, etc. We will also talk about best practices around goal setting, building an ambassador corps, and other tools to help you be successful on May 4th.

We’ll conclude the webinar with a quick overview of how to register on Missoula Gives platform and how to get prepared for the big day.

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Sharing your Story through Marketing and Promotions

Wednesday, February 22

10:00 am MT -11:00am MT

For nonprofit leaders and development staff on how to build a successful #MissoulaGives campaign in preparation for the day. We’ll look at successful examples from past campaigns that showcased inspiring stories of the impact of a nonprofit’s work. In this webinar, we’ll discuss expert strategies on developing relevant messages, wrapped in powerful stories, supported by data. We'll also share strategies and best practices for how to share your stories successfully for #MissoulaGives.

We’ll conclude with a quick overview of the #MissoulaGives Nonprofit Toolkit, and all of the resources, templates, and planning guides available to help you share your #MissoulaGives stories!

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The Power of Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

Monday, March 13

10:00am MT - 11:00am MT

For nonprofit leaders and development staff. Social, Personal, P2P or team fundraising are all names for the same concept: harnessing the power of your supporters and their networks to scale your impact. Peer fundraising leverages your team’s limited resources, spreads your story, and attracts new supporters. In this webinar, we’ll talk about how you can use the Missoula Gives platform to launch a peer-to-peer fundraising campaign for #MissoulaGives and expand your reach to new supporters.

We’ll conclude with a quick overview of how to recruit P2P fundraisers through the Missoula Gives platform and highlight the tools and resources available to turn your supporters into all-star fundraisers for your cause!

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10 Final Steps for Success for Missoula Gives

Monday, April 3

10:00am MT-11:00am MT

For nonprofit leaders and development staff. #MissoulaGives is fast approaching, but there is still plenty of time to prepare your campaign and tell an amazing story to your supporters. In this webinar, we review the last- minute strategies you can focus on today to have a great day on May 4th.

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Post-Missoula Gives Engagement

Monday, May 15

10:00am MT-11:00am MT

For nonprofit leaders and development staff. In this webinar, we review best practices for engaging newly acquired and repeat supporters from #MissoulaGives. These ideas will help your organization keep your #MissoulaGives donors involved well after the day.

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