Where's Polly?

Polly, the pollinator of great things, is busy as a bee spreading the word about Missoula Gives coming up on May 2nd and 3rd! Polly hangs out at Missoula Community Foundation for most of the year but during Missoula Gives she can be found all over our bee-utiful community pollinating kindness and philanthropy. 

WIN $250 E-Card & Contribute to Your Favorite NonProfits

Find Polly at one of the locations listed below, take a picture with her, and submit it to the link below for a chance to win $250 e-card to donate to your favorite nonprofits participating in Missoula & Bitterroot Gives.

Polly Schedule

April 20, 2024: Wild Walk Parade

April 27, 2024: 11am-1pm 400 Block of Higgins (near Worden's Market and if its drizzly inside Worden's)

April 28, 2024: Outside the Missoula Public Library 12-1:30

April 30, 2024: 11:30-1:00 Outside the Florence